9 ways to talk about poetry

  1. The sky is a perpetual poem constantly spinning itself into being
  2. Poetry is a rough pink tongue and you still remember its texture a year later
  3. It is the invisible weight you didn’t know was there lifting off a much lighter chest
  4. I can’t sleep before 1am because then I’d miss poetry hour—the time of night shimmering and soft and Sapphic
  5. —poetry and music; poetry as music
  6. Poetry is an ocean of silence peppered with islands of words tripping over each other all of a sudden
  7. It is a memory and a recognition that leaves you gasping, laughing, known
  8. I was watching the light changing on the sides of buildings during yesterday’s sunset
  9. It is a reminder of all the ways you used to like being alive. Of all the ways you were okay. All the ways you are okay.

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