About Me

Hello there! Welcome to my blog.

I began this blog as I truly believe that literature embodies the quintessence of life in all its multifaceted glory. Literature—fiction in particular—holds a funhouse mirror up to reality, inviting us to step through the looking glass and explore what could be, should be, and should not be. It illuminates what we know, or think we know, critiquing and examining it. Literature challenges us to learn, to move and to change.

In this digital age, literature tends to get reduced: to a grade, to a hobby one might have time for on off-days, or worse—a hassle. Nevertheless, this queer and (to many) cryptic and ‘fluffy’ subject remains a necessity to humanity, whether it realises it or not. This sentiment probably seems ostentatious and overly optimistic to most. As you flip through your digital or physical book, you may wonder: isn’t this but a simple (or if you’re lucky, very well-written) story? Yet, the gems remain, hidden between its pages, awaiting discovery.

As such, I hope that my blog will help you unravel the tangle that is fiction and to decode the hidden language of books. So that whenever you read, you’ll know what to look out for and how to really read, with ‘literary’ eyes. Most importantly, I hope that you’ll discover the immensely pleasurable ‘aha!’ moments that literature is brimming with, moments that critical readers anticipate every time they crack open a book.

And finally, I started this blog because I simply love literature and wanted/needed an avenue to indulge in it the way I like.

So however you got here, I hope that you’ll find something you enjoy reading and/or that you’ll be introduced to some great literature!

As always, happy reading!