“I saw the angel in the marble and carved till I set him free.”- Michaelangelo

There’s always the loudest silence at the beginning of writing. Like a glass bubble you tap at apprehensively, then more vigorously, until it cracks, and shatters.

Writing about writing, reading writing about writing, has always been a curious enjoyment of mine. You take a self-conscious step back, and watch yourself, Big Brother-style, as if watching hands that do not belong to you, working away at a craft. Creation is an act that has always drawn me.

I start this blog as a project to learn, an avenue to write. A treat, too. A website as a gift to myself. Have you ever been so full of words, they threaten to leak out of you in the most unexpected of ways? A T.S Eliot reference in the middle of a joke, or a poem plucked out from the many strands woven into the fabric of the air around you.

I am going to start this website off with books, then favourites (Things? Places? Ideas?), then possibly share about things that help me/ pique my interest in the generalities of life.

Do join me on this journey if you feel compelled to, or if the topics I discuss interest you in any way.

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