A Good Season to Write: Wrapping up My Year of Writing

I finally had the chance to sit at a Starbucks the other day during a chilly, rainy afternoon. I’ve been trying to avoid admitting it, but here it is: I absolutely love reading and writing at Starbucks. I love the cozy ambience, the dark wood panelling, the cozy chatter and warm smells. My favourites are those slightly dimmer lit outlets, and I almost always order my favourite, Hojicha latte. 

This year, I began this blog as an outlet for me to get my writing fix. Nearly 11 months later, it has grown into a little book blog I’m really quite proud of. I love that I own the site and domain, and every little bit of content I post on it. It’s also a great way to indulge myself writing exactly what I want to write.

I spent the better half of the year working part-time and odd, freelance jobs. On the side, I was slowly building a small writing portfolio through random freelance jobs too. All the while building this little WordPress site.

A Career, and a Side Hustle, in Writing

Near the end of August, I landed myself a job as a full-time content writer. (This is exactly why my blog postings slowed down dramatically around that time. It’s been quite a challenge finding the energy to post as constantly as before when I’ve already been churning out articles all day long.)

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was 14 or 15, probably. I carried around a notebook filled with quotes and original poetry and prose. Nearly 10 years later, I can’t believe I have actually realised this dream. I honestly thought it was going to take a lot longer than expected, if me becoming a professional, full-time, paid writer happened at all.

It has been a lot of what I expected, and more. And less.

It has been a year of great accomplishments and small beginnings for me as a writer, having started and continued a blog I’m proud of, and kickstarting an “official” career as a writer in the corporate world. Both in the same year, 2018.

I guess it isn’t rare for people to have both their full-time career and side hustle in the same field. Although, having both be the same is quite tiring, as if they were in different fields, it’d be a different kind of mental stimulation and therefore more exciting. But of course, being more focused on a field certainly hones your abilities much more effectively than being spread-out. I most certainly hope to sustain this side hustle and bring it somewhere in the long run.

Looking Up Ahead: 2019

As we near 2019, I have been thinking a lot about the future of my blog and the rest of my life. As I move forward, I definitely want to continue working on this blog, although I’m going to try and make it more diverse, instead of just posting book reviews. In fact, toward the end of 2018, I already started posting more varied posts, such as How to Read Like an English Major and A Short Beginner’s Introduction to Literary Theory (It’s Not That Scary). I want to reflect more about writing and about growing as a writer in general. One thing: this blog will still remain as an outlet for my ever-growing love for literature and literary theory.

More excitingly, I have plans to start a new blog, focused on documenting my thoughts and progress as a writer, so stay tuned. On this new blog, I will share my anecdotes and experiences as a writer, the funny, the wise and the sad. I will also write about things I learn along the way, frustrations and journey as a writer and the pros and cons of being one. Perhaps I shall even post articles that don’t get posted on the site(s) they were originally intended for.

I hope that this blog will help other writers, especially those in the early stages like me, as they go along their own journeys… be it to inspire and teach them, or to just give them a good laugh.

I also want to share about how I got to where I am now, and my journey as I grow from here.

I also plan to pay more attention to my blog’s Instagram account, @hephzibahgraceblog, so watch that space too!

What Are Your Thoughts?

This more personal post has been out-of-the-norm for my blog, which is usually impersonal. But if you have enjoyed reading it, do let me know in the comments below. If you have any more questions that arose when reading this that I didn’t answer, leave them down below too. Also, how has your year been for you in your field, whatever it is? Hope it’s been a good one as well.

I hope you’re having a great holiday season and a very merry Christmas.

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