What I’ve Been Up To + Upcoming Posts

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“But you’ll also miss the person you are, at this time and place, because you know you’ll never be the exact same way again.”

This is something that I wrote just about this time last year whilst reflecting about life. I’ve been super busy this period, and I was just thinking about how for the past year plus, I’ve started the practice of occasionally setting aside time to reflect on where I’m at and what I’ve been learning. Currently, I’m working a full-time job plus four freelance gigs on the side. It’s been a pretty crazy, very sudden switch from my more or less relaxed schedule just a month ago. It also explains why I’ve been so absent on this blog.

This new schedule, of course means a lot less sleep, but also a lot of things that I could learn. Here are 5 things I’ve been learning, doing or thinking about these past two months:

  1. Life is full of unexpected changes. You could literally be coasting easily one day and then turn a corner to face a gushing river of constant activity the next. It’s all about chapters.
  2. Try this practice: assume that you are wrong. This is something I heard on Tim Ferriss’ podcast with Scott Belsky.
  3. Meditation. I’ve been trying to practice this at least once a day. I’m not someone whom meditation comes to easily, so I find that the many free guided meditation podcasts available on iTunes are a fantastic help.
  4. Always make time to read or learn. Even if it’s through podcasts and audiobooks on your commute during busy periods. Never stop learning. Even if you don’t have the time to sit down and read.
  5. Writing well will NEVER be overrated.

I know I’ve been neglecting this blog quite a bit but as I’m expecting things to let up a bit in October, I have some posts planned really soon! As my current job(s) include a lot of teaching, writing and editing English, I’m compiling a list of ways to start writing better  using my experiences and observations.

Also, since I’ve been too busy to read, I’ve been dreaming of the novels I can’t wait to read so I’ll be sharing that too. Upcoming novel analyses that I hope to write include Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere (ever since I read Everything I Never Told You, this has been on my list), George Saunder’s Lincoln in the Bardo and some Stephen King!

To my followers who’ve stuck by me during my absence, thank you all and heads up for some more content coming soon! Your support and following means the world, especially for such a little blog as mine.

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