Coming Up: Stephen King’s Finders Keepers


I picked this book up not only because everybody knows Stephen King reputation as supposedly one of the best contemporary authors around, but also because the version I’m reading is slimmer than most— about an inch shorter in width than your usual A5 paperback. Sometimes, it takes a Quixote or Inferno-esque reputation to prompt me to read a book. Other times, all I need is a book that dares to feel physically different in the reader’s hand.

I’m currently reading it—my virgin Stephen King experience, and I have to say that King sure lives up to his buzz. It’s also a huge bonus that its tenets include two topics close to my heart: the American dream/ American exceptionalism in American literature and literature and its devotees.

Finders Keepers’ storyline centers around Morris Bellamy and Pete Saubers. Bellamy kills his favourite author, John Rothstein, in vengeance— Rothstein’s star character Jimmy Gold has given up his Kerouac/Thoreau-esque exceptionalism for a “sell-out”, typical all-American dream/normalcy—a nuclear family in a suburban house working advertising. He steals Rothstein’s unpublished stash of notebooks, but before he can read any, he gets blackout drunk and commits a crime that puts him in prison for the next 30 or so years. In the meantime, Saubers, whose family moves into Bellamy’s old home during those intervening years, accidentally discovers the stash of notebooks and he, in turn, falls in love with them almost to the same level of fanaticalness Bellamy does. Just as Saubers finally gets around to trying to make a profit off the notebooks, Bellamy gets released from prison.

Finders Keepers is an action-packed novel entered around topics anybody who has ever fallen in love with literature (especially as taught in an undergrad American literature seminar) will appreciate.

So, join me in reading this great novel if you wish to follow my upcoming post more closely!

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