Coming Up: Ernest Callenbach’s Ecotopia

Ecotopia was one of the primary texts of my dissertation as an English major- and for good reason. Ecotopia is a utopic, ecocritical novel. It describes the practices and daily life of a fictional state, Ecotopia, which aim for a perfect state of balance with the natural environment so as to best preserve it. It is fictional, yet at the same time a prescription for our environmentally destructive, imbalanced modern-day world. It is important wake-up call to the ways our world is being run, addressing imbalance not only between our societies’ practices and the environment, but on many levels, including imbalance between the genders.

Aside from my bias stemming from the fact that I loved writing my dissertation so much, this book is honestly one of the best ecocritical fictions I have ever come across. Its story is indeed an extrapolation of reality. However, instead of being science fiction-esque, it is a book very grounded in reality. He uses fictional utopia as a lens with which to amplify the problems with the ways the world is being run and therefore call for crucial change.

So if you enjoy my blog and want to follow this upcoming book review, do read this book with me to get a better understanding of my discussion!

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